Belarus People Culture

By its flag, its emblems, its large plants of tractors, its sovkhozes, its urban grey, his impassive officials and its president authoritarian Alexandre Loukachenko, Belarus retains much of the Soviet Republic that she was between 1919 and 1991.Read More

Just one night

A documentary book about the bloodiest night in the Belarusian history, from 28th to 29th October of 1937, when Stalin’s murderers had exterminated about 100 cultural and literature figures of Belarus, the elite of the nation, locked up in the Minsk’s internal NKVD prison.

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Repressed literary men, scientists, educators, public and cultural figures of Belarus

Т. IV. Repressed teachers of Belarus

У папярэдніх першым, другім і трэцім (у двух кнігах) тамах даведніка ўжо прыводзіліся біяграфіі або кароткія звесткі пра рэпрэсаваных уладамі царскай Расіі і савецкай дзяржавы, даваенным польскім, фашысцкім і іншымі рэжымамі:

выхавальнікаў і выхавальніц дзіцячых дамоў і садоў (Адарыч В.П.*, Багушэвіч Л.Д., Вішнеўская Н.В., Маісеева М.Р.

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Lyrics (1959)

Cigarettes were a quarter then
Bobby-socks and jeans were in
Elvis sang the songs that we loved so
But the most important thing to us
Was keepin’ gas in my old truck
So I could take us to the drive-in show

I never will forget the day
That you and I went all the way
I was the first for you – and you for me
I’ve still got the truck that we loved in
It takes me back there now and then
Back to ’59 my memory

Baby I’m yours
I’ll love you always
I’m gonna stand by you until the end of time
Remember all of the good things
That we shared together
Signed – love Betty – 1959

Graduation finally came
Uncle Sam called me away
You married someone else while I was gone
I kept your letters all these years
And I can’t help but shed a tear
When I read the words you wrote me years ago… Read More

Valery Marakou

Marakou Valery Dzmitryevich (pseudonyms: V.Armak, V.Armar, v.Bor), born on March 14th, 1909 in the Kozyrava town near Minsk, died on October 29th, 1937 in the Minsk’s NKVD prison.… Read More