Just one night

A documentary book about the bloodiest night in the Belarusian history, from 28th to 29th October of 1937, when Stalin’s murderers had exterminated about 100 cultural and literature figures of Belarus, the elite of the nation, locked up in the Minsk’s internal NKVD prison.

Апошні (з дадаткамі 2007 г.) варыянт кнігі “Толькі адна ноч” гл. ў даведніку
“Ахвяры і карнікі”.

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Recusants – III. Third attempt. A novel in stories (Translation to the Russian language)

Stories about repressed men and their descendants. Repressed, but not broken down…

The fate of the “recusants”, characters from the books by Leanid Marakou, differs from story to story, but they all belong то the same kind – people who stand out by their hate to injustice, uncompromising will to fight for their freedom, for better life. To fight till the very end, to figth no matter what price. Even if the price is their own life. On the following link you will find articles on literature.

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Repressed literary men, scientists, educators, public and cultural figures of Belarus

Т. IV. Repressed teachers of Belarus

У папярэдніх першым, другім і трэцім (у двух кнігах) тамах даведніка ўжо прыводзіліся біяграфіі або кароткія звесткі пра рэпрэсаваных уладамі царскай Расіі і савецкай дзяржавы, даваенным польскім, фашысцкім і іншымі рэжымамі:

выхавальнікаў і выхавальніц дзіцячых дамоў і садоў (Адарыч В.П.*, Багушэвіч Л.Д., Вішнеўская Н.В., Маісеева М.Р.),

настаўнікаў школ (Адзярыха Ц.Я., Александровіч (Тавакальян) В.П., Альшэўскі К., Афанасьева З.М., Барсук Т., Бляхер (Окунь) Я.М., Варончанка (Ясенькіна, Ясэпкіна) Х.С., Вронская Г.М., Вялічка П.І., Вяловіч (Журневіч) Л.Я., Гайдукевіч Я.С., Гарбацэвіч І.Я., Генфер С.С., Гершон (Шведзік) Б.Б., Гіркант (Гірконт) А.І., Гурло С.С.(?)**, Дабравольскі А.М., Дабравольскі В.І., Дабравольскі І.М., Даўкша М.Ф., Жук В.П., Кавальчук М.В., Калінін-Каленік С.А., Кернажыцкая М.М., Конан М.У., Крачкоўская С.К., Крачкоўскі А.М., Кульбак З.Б., Мамчыц І.М., Маракоў Л.Д., Міхальчык А.С., Мурашка Р.М., Мэтэ К.Ю., Пасюкевіч Т.Ф., Пашковіч І.Ф., Працэнка-Задзярнюк Н.Ф., Ра-гойша К.І., Рынеўскі А.І., Савік С.І.(?), Салавей У.А., Сапрыцкая Б.Н., Сахарук Л.П., Сланеўскі І.А., Смільтэн К.К., Смільтэн Л.К., Суха-верх В.В., Сценнік П., Троіцкая 

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Why is it so helpful to read books?

We often heard that reading books is useful. But somehow we rarely explain why. Although these reasons are actually quite obvious and should be just a little nudge.

The book primarily serves as a means of knowledge of the world outside of the limits of our perception. Agree, but if it were not for art books, but only the tools and instructions, what caricature and lifeless look like our world. How little we knew about his beauty, and how little we had fantasies and craving for adventure.

Another advantage of the book is that it allows you to look at the situation from another hero. Thus, we develop in ourselves, we are laying the empathy in the subconscious of different situations and reactions to them. We can form his worldview, combining it different views from various authors, having eliminated all of them poor and inconsistencies of reality. Very easy to convince a person the wrong idea if he inexperienced in … Read More