Belarus People Culture

By its flag, its emblems, its large plants of tractors, its sovkhozes, its urban grey, his impassive officials and its president authoritarian Alexandre Loukachenko, Belarus retains much of the Soviet Republic that she was between 1919 and 1991. And yet, a new wind seems to blow on the country.

In this March 25, 2018, under the sky blue, once is not custom, Minsk, its capital, twenty-five thousand people gathered in an atmosphere of jubilation. They were celebrating 100 years of the People’s Republic that declared the independence of Belarus to a Russia Bolshevik then in the civil war. A few international sites wanted to join the celebration as well. With prizes going towards people who were celebrating. An amazing casino establishment opened up and started throwing around promotions. This establishment has an amazing assortment of entertainment options coupled with very generous casino bonuses that they give out daily. Try them out today if not for the declaration of independence, but … Read More


A research book dedicated to Belarusian literature men eradicated during the Stalin’s years. One of the most searched things on the internet is definitely the online gambling guides that offer the most useful tips and advice on becoming a better casino player. If you are a Canadian and you are looking for a guide to casino bonuses, then go right here and find an excellent one with all the answers you need.

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Recusants – III. Third attempt. A novel in stories.

Leanid Marakou offers you Stories about repressed men and their descendants. Repressed, but not broken down…

The fate of the “recusants”, characters from the books by Leanid Marakou, differs from story to story, but they all belong то the same kind – people who stand out by their hate to injustice, uncompromising will to fight for their freedom, for better life. To fight till the very end, to figth no matter what price. Even if the price is their own life. It would be best if you never give up, even when playing online casino games at is getting hard, because who knows, maybe the moment you are letting the game go will actually be your lucky one to miss.

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Just one night

A documentary book about the bloodiest night in the Belarusian history, from 28th to 29th October of 1937, when Stalin’s murderers had exterminated about 100 cultural and literature figures of Belarus, the elite of the nation, locked up in the Minsk’s internal NKVD prison.

Апошні (з дадаткамі 2007 г.) варыянт кнігі “Толькі адна ноч” гл. ў даведніку
“Ахвяры і карнікі”.

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