Valery Marakou

Marakou Valery Dzmitryevich (pseudonyms: V.Armak, V.Armar, v.Bor), born on March 14th, 1909 in the Kozyrava town near Minsk, died on October 29th, 1937 in the Minsk’s NKVD prison. A poet and translator. The eldest son of Dz.Marakou, brother of L. and U.Marakou. During the World War I lived in exile in Mtsensk (Russia) and Romny (Ukraine). Graduated a 7-years school nr. 4 in Minsk in 1924, then worked as a house painter with his father, till 1925, when his first verses were published in local newspapers. In December of 1925 was assigned as the editor of “The Pioneer of Belarus” magazine by the Central Bureau of young pioneers, upon recommendation of A.Jakimovich. Participated in the so-called “2nd movement” (1926) of young literary men (“maladnyakoutsy”), where he was invited to by I.Barashka. In the end of 1926, lived in Polatsk, upon invitation from A.Zvonak, where he published his works in the local “Chyrvona Polatchyna” newspaper. 1926 was also the year when … Read More