Some facts about the benefits of reading

What have in mind people arguing that read useful? In fact, it would seem that any good can be drawn is that of textbooks. And actually, even in fiction there are many pluses. Another way to stimulate your brain is by playing video games, as the latest studies showed. You can find many prominent science-fiction games that will blow your mind, including sci-fi themed slots. Casino games gained massive popularity, thanks to many free bonuses. However, the no deposit bonus offer made a gambling breakthrough. Nowadays, everyone is seeking for reliable casino sites such as NoDepositWin, and no one is missing their chances of grabbing those exclusive bonus deals. Dare to explore one of the many fantastic games based on famous fantasy books. Many underestimate it, but it is very worthwhile. Map serves us very stiffly and concisely, with them you are not acquainted with the possibilities and the richness of our language. It’s like if the artists would … Read More

Why is it so helpful to read books?

We often heard that reading books is useful. But somehow we rarely explain why. Although these reasons are actually quite obvious and should be just a little nudge.

The book primarily serves as a means of knowledge of the world outside of the limits of our perception. Agree, but if it were not for art books, but only the tools and instructions, what caricature and lifeless look like our world. How little we knew about his beauty, and how little we had fantasies and craving for adventure.

Another advantage of the book is that it allows you to look at the situation from another hero. Thus, we develop in ourselves, we are laying the empathy in the subconscious of different situations and reactions to them. We can form his worldview, combining it different views from various authors, having eliminated all of them poor and inconsistencies of reality. Very easy to convince a person the wrong idea if he inexperienced in … Read More

Fast reading: why it should

Learn to quickly read the can every child and adult as a man and a woman. The essence of such a study, perhaps not everyone understood. Immediately a question arises: why read the book at the speed of light, so it will become nothing more than an informational article, soon to be forgotten?

It is for the sake of digestion of specific information within the text, and you want to speed read. With this skill the person acquires some useful properties of the psyche. Firstly, appears faster mental reaction which can be compared to the reflex in assigning a block or protection from impact sports martial arts. Simply put, people react at times faster when you want something to see. And memory, respectively, improving at such a stressful assimilate information. Read more about a review of literature.

Secondly, in addition to improvements in terms of remembering information in humans manifests itself another positive psychological trait. It simply becomes more … Read More

Lyrics (1959)

Cigarettes were a quarter then
Bobby-socks and jeans were in
Elvis sang the songs that we loved so
But the most important thing to us
Was keepin’ gas in my old truck
So I could take us to the drive-in show

I never will forget the day
That you and I went all the way
I was the first for you – and you for me
I’ve still got the truck that we loved in
It takes me back there now and then
Back to ’59 my memory

Baby I’m yours
I’ll love you always
I’m gonna stand by you until the end of time
Remember all of the good things
That we shared together
Signed – love Betty – 1959

Graduation finally came
Uncle Sam called me away
You married someone else while I was gone
I kept your letters all these years
And I can’t help but shed a tear
When I read the words you wrote … Read More