Fast reading: why it should

Learn to quickly read the can every child and adult as a man and a woman. The essence of such a study, perhaps not everyone understood. Immediately a question arises: why read the book at the speed of light, so it will become nothing more than an informational article, soon to be forgotten?

It is for the sake of digestion of specific information within the text, and you want to speed read. With this skill the person acquires some useful properties of the psyche. Firstly, appears faster mental reaction which can be compared to the reflex in assigning a block or protection from impact sports martial arts. Simply put, people react at times faster when you want something to see. And memory, respectively, improving at such a stressful assimilate information. Read more about a review of literature.

Secondly, in addition to improvements in terms of remembering information in humans manifests itself another positive psychological trait. It simply becomes more focused and attentive to all types of parts. Not necessarily the details relate to precisely the text. There may be a concentration on any manual or hazardous work. Or work at all can relate to marketing research, statistics and accounting of mathematical data (in such activities are important details and analytical thinking).

If people learn speed reading for the sake of plain reading, this came to nothing. Read the book thoroughly, then you will need a deep slow reading. On the other hand, read research papers not always interesting though and need for self-development, so that speed reading is an indispensable skill.

The most popular speed reading training system developed by such authors as Oleg Andreev, Natalia Grace and Andrew Spondin.