[aliases: P. Burova; Pavliuk Burawa; 1(14).7.1911, V. Old Dedin Klimovichi district. Mogilev lips., now Klimovichi district of Mogilev region-16.3.2000, Minsk], poet, novelist. Cousin of A. Prudnikov. In the school years was uncharm gas. “Pioneer of Belarus”, “Red shift”, “Belarusian village”, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “Peasant newspaper”, “poor”, “Lenin sparks”. In 1930, after graduating from school, he went to Donbass, worked as a miner. return to Belarus. Was working; then in the offices of gas. “Belarusian village”, “Soviet Belarus”, a proofreader in printers, a reporter in BelTA. After the editorial staff of Klimovichi district newspaper “Kommunar”. In 1932 he published his first book of poems, “Songs of the movers” (with J. Subchem). In ver. 1932 — student of the Leningrad Institute of foreign languages; from 1933, a student of the Leningrad pedagogical Institute. After his graduation in 1937 he became a graduate Student of the Institute of Slavic studies of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Arrested 11.8.1937. It was transferred to Buryat ASSR, then to Irkutsk, Omsk region, Krasnoyarsk region. In concentration camps and exile was until 1945. From 1946 he taught in various schools of Smolensk region. Since 1952 the teacher of language, literature and history of the Sloboda school of Braslav district of Vitebsk region Again began to be printed in 1959. In 1968-71, a senior editor at time. “Life service of Belarus”. Member of the joint venture in Belarus since 1971. A significant place in the work of P. took the theme of Stalin’s repressions: the poem “Taimyr” written in 1975-87, the story ” Iron gloves “(1989),” Hell “(1991); road essay” on familiar scorching trails”, written after visiting places of detention in the vicinity of Ulan-Ude. Honored worker of culture of Belarus (1992).

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